Welcome to AIMI's Free Graphic Design and Animation Courses!

Are you passionate about graphic design and animation? Are you looking to enhance your skills and creativity in the world of digital art? AIMI presents free courses designed to introduce you to the exciting realm of graphic design and animation in Bangladesh.

Principles of Graphic Design

Learn the fundamental principles of creating visually stunning designs.

Introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud

Explore the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, a powerful tool for graphic designers and animators.

Adobe Illustrator

Master the art of vector graphics and illustration using Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Photoshop

Delve into the world of image editing and manipulation with Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Animate

Create engaging animations and interactive content using Adobe Animate.

Adobe After Effects

Discover the magic of motion graphics and visual effects with Adobe After Effects.

Importance Guide of 3D Modeling

Understand the significance of 3D modeling in graphic design and animation.

Introduction to Autodesk Maya

Learn the basics of Autodesk Maya, a leading software for 3D animation and modeling.

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